Broken Smartphone & Tablet Waste Disposal – Don’t WEEE, Recycle and Get Paid Instead!

Broken Smartphone & Tablet Waste Disposal – Don’t WEEE, Recycle and Get Paid Instead!

Posted by Spares on 11th Jun 2021

Don’t Pay Us- We Pay You Money for Broken Smartphone & Tablet Screens, Motherboards and Complete Units!

Do you have an enormous number of broken tablet and cell phone screens (counting LCD and AMOLED shows), motherboards or even total units you need to discard securely? Provided that this is true, we have a lovely shock for you.

You realize that electronic waste must be discarded effectively because of the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive (WEEE Directive) in Europe. Nonetheless, that doesn't mean it must cost you cash a remarkable inverse, on the off chance that you do your best and sell us your harmed LCDs all things being equal, they could be a decent worker!

Maybe you are aware of certain organizations who offer to "discard" your e-squander, broken screens, and so on free of charge. They're not doing this because of the decency of their souls, but since there's acceptable cash to be produced using your e-squander! In the event that you'd like somewhat more of that cash for yourself, read on.

In case you're willing to spend only a couple minutes isolating it out the wrecked screens that meet our necessities, then, at that point we'll pay you for some of what you thought was garbage up to £125 per screen (at the hour of writing)**-no gets!

Essentially, we offer great rates for chose motherboards and complete units. These don't should be in full working request.

Try not to toss cash down the channel when you're preparing for WEEE disposal.* If you're in the UK or Europe, let us adapt your old telephone and tablet shows by reusing them.

How Much Can I Sell My LCDs For?

What amount? The costs we'll pay you for your screen shift while OEM renditions of the more up to date Apple screens (counting the Apple Retina) and later Samsung shows merit the most, there's some acceptable cash to be produced using the showcases in more established models.

Recall that regardless of whether these screens do not merit anything to you, there's a decent possibility they're worth something to us. There's no trick, in light of the fact that dissimilar to the vast majority we have the experience and concentrated refurb hardware to make it worth our opportunity to mess with these screens… and pay you cash for them!

Where Do I Send My Screens?

We're situated in the United Kingdom, however you can sell us your broke and broken LCD shows by means of mail from anyplace on the planet. Tell us what you need to sell-through our contact structure and we'll hit you up with the vital plans.

Like we say, a heap of broke and crushed screen boards from dropped, broken and by and large abused cell phones and tablets probably won't be helpful to you-however we'll surely give you great cash for them!

So, What are you waiting for? Fill out the refurbishment form now!